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Here we are developing an open source quick attach system for implements on tractors/skid steers of under 9000 lb weight. See former work on the LifeTrac#Quick Attach Plate

Present conclusions:

  • Update: (2012-01-11) We are looking at trying to meet the SAE J2513 standard while allowing for smaller implement attachment. Discussion and design is occurring here

Previous conclusions:

  • We would like to have a middle attachment position like at LifeTrac#Quick Attach Plate, so that LifeTrac could handle small implements, such as the universal rotor. The SAE J2513 standard has only 2 outer attachments to the skid loader, making the attachment conform to this standard. We do not see a need for making the attachment more complex for small implements that require a '3 point attachment' instead of a

'4 point attachments.' Thus, we conclude that the SAE J2513 standard does not meet OSE Specifications.

  • To accommodate interchangeability of implements between LifeTrac and non-Factor e Farm industry standards, we recommend an adapter plate SAE J2513 machines to be able to use LifeTrac implements. An adapter for SAE J2513 implements to be used on LifeTrac is a moot point, since open source LifeTrac implements are expected to be much more cost effective compared to the SAE J2513 standard.

Skid Steer SAE J2513 standard, from discussion here:

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