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The conversation on why we put the clause regarding quitting penalty is a longer conversation, and it has several key points that I want to share with you for background: 1. We have been burned many times before with people leaving early, where we had the burden of finishing

2. Coming back is not an option at this time. This was a special event, and it takes a very long time to prepare. We are hiring professionals to do the finishing.

3. Professionals at $40-50 are about 4-5x more cost effective than people who don't do construction work for a living at a comparable rate. This applies to work that requires a certain skill level or has a learning curve.

4. The $50/hr was a special case for the swarm build under the given conditions, we would not be able to offer that much to the same 'crew leaders' and 'crew members'.

5. When people leave early, we miss deadlines. OSE uses a Window of Opportunity approach, meaning that work missed is not recovered as we move forward on a larger strategic plan.

6. When people leave early, others have to work harder, and team morale decreases.

7. When people leave early, quality goes down, because parts of the work don't get the needed attention.

8. When people leave early, cost overruns occur because work planning is disrupted, and machines have to be rented for an additional time.