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  • Often abbreviated as RDF
  • Fuel derived from combustible refuse
  • The "Last Resort" (ie only non-recyclable material, also typically stuff that can't be Composted or Anaerobically Digested )
  • Also of use in Landfill Mining operations
  • Used heavily in Europe as they don't use landfills anymore (check if they still use them for hazardous waste, or if even that is not done (ie replaced by disposal by methods such as Pyrolysis , RTO 's , or Landfarming
  • Harder to predict composition than biomass, and thus often will require Gas Scrubbing and other pollution prevention methods (granted biomass should have these too, but it is even more NECCISSARY with RDF)
  • From Wikipedia:
    • RDF can be also further specified into e.g. tire derived fuels (TDF) from used tires, or solid recovered fuels (SRF)
    • (commentary/sidenote) For all intensive purposes, the distinction isn't TOO important
  • Most likely not Carbon Neutral (without CSS at least), but it should still be a "net good action" for the environment due to landfills (or littering...)'s effect on water quality, and the local ecosystems
    • Especially if the pollutants are removed and treated properly

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