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  • A Term for a Hardened Fuel Tank
  • Typically used in Racing, but also can just be referred to a Fuel Cell which can be confusing (does this need a Disambiguation Page ?
  • Essentially uses an Open Cell Foam (basically a sponge) inside the tank (typically metal (with a liner?) ) to act as an Anti-Slosh Baffle , as well as prevent explosions in the vapor at the top of the tank as the liquid level drops
  • They can be bolted together as well into larger stacks, and thus are an interesting prospect for more modularity
  • May not be street legal? Various blog posts on this, seems to be due to most not including Fuel Tank Vapor Recovery , but if this is added it should be fine?
    • Odd in that crash safety would be improved, and the technology is developed (ie not some diy hackery/"redneck engineering")

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