Raised Stawbale Culture Bin

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Design Rationale

Fibrous biomass is something that many agricultural products produce as a by-product. This material can also be used as a media for growing many things from edible fungi to various vegetables that do not do well in other fertigation-based medias as well. Additionally, as strawbales are used in insulation applications as well, but degrade over time, this provides a means for recycling this material.


A strawbale is soaked with compost tea. It composts heavily over a couple week period, and then rapidly slows its decomposition. At this point, it is useful as a media for cultivation. The fluid that drains through can also be recaptured and integrated into other nutrient streams. Typically, each bale can be cultivated twice. The CEB stands serve a few purposes; they allow for cultivation to occur at waist level for ease of work, they also function as a drain fixture for the excess nutrient-rich fluids that drain through, and also provide thermal mass to the greenhouse environment.


  • Strawbales
  • Compost Tea
  • Seedlings
  • Edible fungus cultures


  • Edible fungus
  • Vegetable
  • Nutrient-rich fluids for compost tea production
  • Fibrous biomass for compost tea production


  • CEB blocks
  • Various ABS plastic parts

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