Rapid Development Systems

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  • Related to the Rapid Learning Bays of the OSE Rapid Learning Facility.
  • FreeCAD Workbench and other software Cosntruction Sets - For software it includes open source ecology Linux distribution with the supporting software development environment such as module testing or unit testing and editors. It is all preloaded so nobody has to spend the time on setting up the correct environment.
  • For automation and microcontroller construction set we have both Arduino and Beaglebone. Includes appliances such as touch screens and sensors and other automation components such as solenoids and electric and fluid control as well as the supporting ose Linux environment so this is turnkey. For 3D printing, machine control, remote control, CV/AI drone integration,
  • Tractor construction set environment with power cube hydraulics multi-machine and structure and welding plus cutting facility and wire arc additive manufacturing.
  • Naturally we have the house building microfactory with overhead hoist pallet jack forks trailer and truck with various templates for building CD go home modules. Minimally a thousand square foot facility would suffice to produce all the wall modules of the house. This could be a business that others can set up.
  • Drone construction set - satellite, gps, preprogrammed, CV, AI, repeater, laser, radar, ir, acoustic, laser guide, sonar guidance systems for aerial, terretsrtail, space, aquatic, and submarine, and burrowing drones. Powered by slow solar, hydrogen, compressed air.
  • Tool and Die Construction Set - related to bulk hot metal processing and precision machining, this gets us up to air bearings and other precision parts. Tool and die focuses on the parts used to make precision machines and other avanced integration.