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Important Distinctions

The Dutch invented capitalist - the concept of debt-equity markets (first stock exchange in 1602). OSE considers the debt-equity market one of the most pressing Structural Evils of the modern age.

On Capitalism

It is an effective motivator of people because it rewards people for their productive activities with money that can be used to get all that money can buy. And it is an effective allocator of resources because the creation of profit requires that the output created is more valuable than the resources that go into creating it. Being productive leads people to make money, which leads them to acquire capital (which is their savings in investment vehicles), which both protects the saver by providing money when it is later needed and provides capital resources to those who can combine them with their ideas and convert them into the profits and productivities that raise our living standards. That is the capitalist system. - from https://www.economicprinciples.org/Why-and-How-Capitalism-Needs-To-Be-Reformed/

MJ sez - wow, what a shallow and distorted set of motivators, and unquestioning acceptance of the same. First, capitalism has little to do with the investor being productive. Other people do the production and innovation. Artificial pumping of money into enterprise that undergoe no vetting for the worthiness of the endeavor, such as its ecological and social ramification - is a structural evil that deprives people of meaning and destroys the environment. That's just a simple observation of the state of the world. To be more honest, I think capitalism should be described as footloose capital looking for the easiest steal - from nature or from others. There is no ethical standard vetted anywhere in the process, and that is structural: there are no structures for ethics within the economic system. Indeed, Political Ponerology indicates the opposite. In summary, short-term productivity gains on a cosmic timescale are a mistake.

Stats on the Haves and Have Nots in America

Lots of graphs here - but lacking any meaningful discussion on what to do about it. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/our-biggest-economic-social-political-issue-two-economies-ray-dalio/. The solution is to include ethics in an economy. Structural changes that eliminate some of the enforcers of The Gap.


See all resources - https://www.economicprinciples.org/


How the economic machine works.

Ray Dalio on the coronavirus impact on the global economy.