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For the first time 1 gig internet blazes through Factor e Farm.

We will be building D3D v19.06 Eco Edition - our main product release - which includes insulated heated bed and 24V operation. It ends up using 30-40% less energy with the insulated heated bed.

We would like to invite you to help us document the build using the Realtime Documentation techniques which we developed in 2013. This means doing the documentation in realtime using pictures uploaded by us through the internet. We will have a person dedicated to uploading media and guiding the remote team in the instructionals. We can also try the concept of videoing the build in Jitsi so people can capture their own build videos remotely - which would require the bandwidth to support it. So this will be a great experiment in scaling the documentation effort to a global team. In principle, both instructionals and instructional videos can be generated this way in realtime.

If you'd like to work on instructionals or video instructionals at the same time that we build, you would have to be available for those sessions. We may do 4 sessions of 4 hours each to do a thorough build. You can participate in any of the sessions. Let me know if you are interested.