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from Rebecca Neudeck <> to Marcin Jakubowski <> date Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 8:37 AM


Yes, I am able-bodied, as I do frequent heavy lifting in a warehouse for employment.I am available all day and can come prepared in proper clothes, etc, to contribute.I understand this is not easy nor glorious and maybe not immediately gratifying.

Let me share with your community my reasons for wanting to expand what you do: I am in the end of my twenty eighth year and my son is eighteen months old. I feel like I am completing some sort of cycle of self-renewal and after having focused on my son for so many months I am struggling to regain a balance of personal and external obligations and satisfactions. I feel increasingly more confident that I need to expose and capture the ideals in which I believe. I feel that I should do this in a shameless and somewhat aggressive manner. I don't have cash to hand you or I would. I have a big mouth and a strong back and I can help spread the word and help with some of the grunt work when I squeeze out free time.

Wasn't planning on dishing out the whole pot but I think this may answer your questions.