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Outdoor Recreation

Soccer Field

The current soccer field consists of a small - less than 20' x 60' - court on a cleared and flattened section of earth, two goals made of braced palettes, and a high grass perimeter.

Indoor Recreation

Movie Theater

The FeF movie theater consists of one optical projector with computer interfacing capability, one white blanket screwed to the wall, a laptop computer, a powered speaker with auxiliary 3.5mm input, and seating. The theater is operational on Sunday nights when community members nominate a title to be watched and stream it through the laptop onto the screen.


As yet, it is a planned area on the north side of HabLab dedicated to the storage of communal books, good lighting, and comfortable seating. There are plans to build shelves.


FeF houses a number of integrated humans (aka :) people ). Our work is deeply integrated into our living and vise versa. What do we do when we're not building, researching, fabricating, collaborating, farming, or planning?


  • Sundays are intended to be days of rest.
  • Individuals within the community actively meditate, practice yoga, stretch, and have their own restorative routines. These routines are respected by other members of the community.

Outside Education

  • We teach each other things of interest, not necessarily related to OSE, through deliberate cross-training or simply through day-to-day conversation
  • We teach ourselves things of interest, by using resources such as the internet, local library, books on-site, contacting experts in that field and asking for their opinions.


  • We play card games and board games
  • We schedule pick-up soccer games and other sports
  • We often go to our nearby conservation area's lake to swim, fish, boat, and relax


People play music life, walk around whistling or singing, and sometimes play music electronically. There are many talented people here that enjoy playing live music as well.

  • Yoonseo plays violin
  • Gabi plays ukulele
  • Graham plays harmonica
  • Matt sings, beat boxes
  • Marshall growls
  • Chris plays Katis Kot and Caltoe

There are also some flash drives floating around with some cross platform lan games :)