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This year marks the beginning of a more formalized development process at open source ecology. We begun recruiting dedicated OSE Developers - generalists who learn FreeCAD and contribute 10 hours per week of focused development time. We now have 13 active Developers on the team, and our combined effort since beginning of February is 1080 hours. We have averaged one new OSE Developer per week, and would like to increase that number so we can run multiple teams in parallel.

The main objection for potential contributors has been that they are not engineers. To overcome this objection - i must clarify that we are not looking for engineers. Our only requirement is people who are willing to learn new skills - and who have 10 hours of time to contribute to the effort. The work that we do includes design and documentation. A lot of the work involves taking existing designs in CAD and creating instructional, exploded part animations, fabrication drawings, bills of materials, or other assets from these. A lot of other work involves taking current concepts and diagrams and drawing them up in FreeCAD. More advanced work involves actually designing parts and machines - which takes engineering skill - so as such this means that we are looking for more advanced skill sets - but all together - we work together as a team with the various roles supporting one another.

Join the effort. Apply at