Recyclable Electronics

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  • Circuit board is etched, routed
  • Surface mount components attached with paste, reflow. To recycle components - simply melt and shake them off, with heat applied back side to protect sensitive components
  • Thru-hole can be mounted if needed - though these should be on a separate board for simplicity, which can be socketed design for zero solder
  • Permanence on socketed design is via epoxy layer - ruggedization, vibration, space, war
  • Socketed components have plug-in devices with heatsinks, socketed devices are thus infinitely scalable
  • At the final level, the circuits are deposited, not etched. At this higher temp, the circuits can be likewise recycled by separation, typically copper? deposited on high temperature ceramic
  • 100% recyclability, zero waste, reconfigurability. Authentic Construction Set approach.
  • Ceramic is produced in house
  • Copper is recycled in house
  • Relates to Air Separation and cryogenics for generating argon shielding gas, also used in welding, laser 3D printers, and other hot metal processing.