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Build: August 7-9, 2018

See full pictures at Recyclebot Build

It's a Good Day for Open Source in 2018

A working version of Recyclebot has finally been pubished, after a few years of development:



Cloud Editable OSE Version


BOM Notes


  • A 1/2" schedule 80 pipe (in link) nipple will not fit a 5/8" auger. Is this an error?
  • What are the +extras for the LCD display?
  • Link to 50 rpm DC motor took me to a 100 RPM motor. Is that an error?
  • PWM speed controller link does not work - can you send a link that works?
  • For smooth 3/8" rod - just checking - is that supposed to be wood or steel?
  • Wood board - got any?
  • $66 for the rollers with shipping. Why not just print the rollers with TPU?
  • Would these lower cost fans work for the cooling?

CAD - FreeCAD conversion

  • FreeCAD and STEP available from [1]

CAM update


  • Recyclebot main documentation on Appropedia with extensive literature search and study of industry standards by Dr. P - [2]
  • 2018 Updates - [3]
  • Older Recyclebot documentation - [4].
  • Lyman Filament Maker Calculations - key numbers