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The OSE version of Regenerative Enterprise, which emphasizes the requirement of open, collaborative development. Specifically, both the design and enterprise blueprints must be open source and DIN SPEC 3105 compliant. This enables the Enterprise to be replicated easily anywhere in the world, and lends itself to production in Open Source Microfactories, thus delivering the true promise of flexible, digital fabrication initially proposed by the FabLab concept.

We emphasize the open source aspect as we believe that regeneration without open source is not congruent. This is because access cannot happen without open access. Yet we do not know of any organizations outside of OSE and One Community which have an open source approach. Regeneration in enterprise, as defined by Capital Institute, is not possible without open source collaboration. This must be emphasized so that true collaboration can cause a cascade of self-correction of the economic playing field on a rapid time scale. This time scale can be several years if it's method is distributive - as afforded by open product and enterprise design.

Just like in regenerative Enterprise - regenerative+ enterprise requires and starts with personal growth to overcome the challenges involved.