Regenerative Solutions at Scale

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Rebuilding Settlements

  • Habitat for Humanity on steroids - taking any 2M person slum and converting it to prosperity within 10 years. Taking any village and turning it into a center of world-class open source prdyct development.
  • Taking any plantation or reservation, or inner city - to prosperity with free rebar, soil, concrete powered by corporate donations of PV as the energy base. Creating plastic, metal, concrete, wood, soil, shit, and water and converting to prosperity.

Swarm Build Technique Specifics

  • Using laser levels allows tight tolerance when building with 1000 person unskilled crews, as long as laser levels don't walk away. Lasers can easily yield 1/4" over 32 feet, so 4x inaccuracy over this becomes acceptable. Concept: overmeasure, to allow people to mess up more and still stay well within recommended tolerances. See Construction Tolerances.


Taking 1000 acre parcels to residential cluster community at $25k a pop *40 to pay for land, a microfactory of steel-concrete-wood-plastic-hydrogen-silicin PV - and creating paradises at 1000 acre a pop.