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You can register yourself at Open Source Ecology. By doing that, you'll be able to edit pages on our wiki, post messages on our discussion forum, add comments and even create your own blog on our community portal.

To log in to the community portal, discussion forum or wiki, you can simply provide your OpenID. You can also use your Facebook login in the community portal and discussion forum.

If you have a GMail, Yahoo or AOL account, you already have an OpenID.

To learn more about what OpenID is and how to get one, see OpenID.

Community Portal

We encourage you to first register at our community portal.

Once registered, log in and click on the My account link at the left and then click on View Contact Record on the page that loads. You can edit your contact record and add as much or as little information about yourself as you want.

On the contact record page, you can also add a note to us or subscribe to our announcements mailing list.

Discussion Forum

In order to post messages on our discussion forum, you must first log in by clicking on the Sign In button. Then, click on Sign In with OpenID, Sign In with Twitter, Sign In with Google or Login with Facebook.


Before creating new pages or editing existing ones on our wiki, you have to log in first. See the wiki instructions page to learn how.