Regret Letter

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Dear ______________,

Thanks for your initial application as an OSE Developer and we are sorry that ___________________________________ (reason that the candidate has expressed for not continuing the application, or reason why candidate did not make the team). Best of luck on your endeavors.

If anything changes in the future, you are still welcome to apply for a future development cycle, once again with the 10 hour/week commitment for 90 days. Just email me and to start the process again. Please note that we allow people to work in pairs - where the applicant can enlist the help of a friend or colleague to fulfill their weekly development time. For example - you can get a friend to contribute 5 hours of work on your behalf - you will need to do only 5 hours yourself.

In the meantime, please pass our OSE Developer invitation on to any friends or anyone else who may be interested in the opportunity -

Thanks again,

________________ HR Generalist