Remote Control and Autonomous Vehicles

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This is part of a larger package of data acquisition for the Seed Eco-Home

Specification - Aerial

  • Identify industry standards for 3D scanning, photography, racing, military, and cargo copter, wing, tailsitter, and other drones relevant to site and area surveying, maintence, security, and cargo delivery. 10 lb payload [1] for VTOL, multirotor, and fixed wing including tailsitter
    • Weight, cost, flight time, cargo capacity, motor specification, battery specification, controller specification
  • Identify industry standards for open source cargo drones. Same as above.
  • Identify cost of acquisition for open-sourcing proprietary (default) versions from companies, individuals, organizations.
  • From the above, select a team of 12 technology specialists to develop:
    • Controller - must be Beagle Bone, Arduino, not R-Pi as needs to be open source DIN SPEC 3105 compliant
    • Frame - must be 3D printable, or COTS
    • Motor system - needs to include range of options from COTS to digital fabrication at cost of materials
    • Gimbal system - for vibration control in video
  • Protection and mobility
    • Water proof - under water capable
    • Stealth skin
    • cold temperature
    • EM frequencies in all ranges. Faraday cage.
    • Underwater
    • Water landing
    • Roving (flying car)
    • Swarming - control over a swarm with inter-swarm communication AI
    • Calling in delivery assistance - sensing to delivery of supplies
  • Sensors - ability to pick up all ranges of force and electromagnetic radiation
    • Night vision camera - range of resolution from a pixel to 4k.
    • Thermal camera - range of resolution from a pixel to 4k. For detailed thermal scanning for heat performance
    • Motion sensor camera - largely software. For automated, on-demand pest control, security, and other motion-activated applications
    • Ultrasound - for internal 3D scanning in medical applications
    • Wifi detector - concept as [2]
    • Laser detector
    • Avalanche photodiode
    • Wind velocity meter
    • Light intensity meter
    • Oxygen concentration meter
    • IR camera
    • UV camera
    • Sound sensor
    • Radar
    • Radar sensor
    • Radio send/receive
    • EM jamming
    • Sonar
    • Magnetic sensor - Hall effect
  • Lighter than air balloon integration
  • Special applications
    • Rescue supply delivery.
    • Airlift extraction - tools, objects, humans
    • Firefighting
    • Flamethrower
    • Nail gun
  • Software
    • Large scale photogrammetry for visual twinning
    • Aerial to land drone guidance - drone scans terrain, guides a rover for delivery of produce
    • Geofencing
    • Mission planning with logic
    • Motion and physics simulation

Specification - Rover

  • Maneoverable in difficult terrain [3]. Best industry standard is an articulated logging vehicle.
  • Underwater capable, submarine capable, and amphibious kit
  • Laser guidance
  • RTK is standard for a few cm
  • Remote control via internet
  • Remote control via aerial drone wireless repeater
  • Sonar
  • Echolocation
  • Mission plannign
  • Drone swarm location - multi-node (more than 3) RTK
  • Laser ranging
  • 3D scanning
  • Software:
    • Laser or light guided automated site grading
    • Automated road grading
    • Mission planning for site tasks including various actuators, including beacon limit switch sensor activated.
    • Computer vision for object recognition and automated tasks such as stump grinding, saw milling, harvesting, etc.