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From Kristen and Ponoko

Hi Marcin,

Sorry for the delay, I had passed your message to the management team. To answer your initial inquiry, we currently do not have the capabilities to produce the Brick Press with a CNC plasma cutter. *However* back in May we worked with Local Motors for them to accept files for waterjet cutting of car parts. It's very possible that Local Motors would be able to help out with such industrial scale/grade fabrication. Let me know if you'd like a contact for them.

About the scale model; yes, we could lasercut a scale model for you. Here's what would need to happen for that: (It should all be pretty straight forward for someone that can use vector software.)

1. Visit this starter kit for Adobe Illustrator and download the templates on the left side (p1,p2,p3)

2. Lay out your design on the appropriate size template and format for the specifications listed on the template

3. Upload your file to your Ponoko account. An auto file checker will reject it if it needs fixing.

4. Select a material to make from. You can check out the materials here. (I would recommend

If you have any trouble or questions, just let me know.

Cheers, Kristen