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3D printerReprapicon.jpg Makes plastic objects from CAD files. The head is interchangeable for a small router for circuit fabrication 1 m3, 50 lb 300 Complete! See RepRap
3D scanner Device for turning 3D objects into CAD files. Combined with a 3D printer, allows you to "clone" plastic objects less than 50 Several open-source/ DIY 3D scanners exist. We need to assess their viability for RepLab. See 3D scanner
CNC torch table, router Torchtableicon.jpg RepTab, self-replicating torch table. A device with a digitally-controlled cutter that can shape metal, cut wood etc. Self-replicating for all structural parts. Can be used for LifeTrac parts, CEB Press parts, sheet metal cutting, etc. Can build structural parts for any number of electromechanical devices. 300 lb 1500 (for 280lb torque version) Prototype phase. See Torch Table. Results indicate that it can be scaled successfully to router applications with 280 lbs of moving torque by using 4 stepper motors on the x and y axis; high power router can use hydraulic motor (3000 RPM, 10-20 hp). Uses RepRap motor drivers and controls
Drill-mill-latheMultimachineicon.jpg Interchangeable hydraulic motor (0-650 rpm, 20 hp, $250); off-shelf chuck ($150) and off-shelf x-y table ($200); off-shelf spindle and collet ($200); true drill press – hydraulic cylinder ($100) moves spindle up and down; large motor can handle drilling up to 1.5”; mill funcionality via x-y table; CNC drive can be retrofitted onto x-y table; use RepTab motor drivers and controls 500 lb (welding table serves as base for added weight) 1100 plus CNC Prototype phase. Multimachine is an open-source drill-mill-lathe, but lacks CNC capability. Assess whether DIYLILCNC is appropriate for our purposes.
MIG welder MIGweldericon.jpg Heats inert gases to very high temperatures for welding 200 lb 400 Partially designed. See Open Source Welder. Open source power supply still needs to be made.
Plasma Cutter Plasmacuttericon.jpg 50 lb 300 This involves opensourcing the power supply, and using a commercial gun
Induction Furnace Furnaceicon.jpg Melts down scrap metal to be remolded. 20 kW, water-cooled coils; involves opensourcing the power supply; the rest is a melting container, pouring mechanism, and insulation 1000 lb 2000 In development. See Open Source Induction Furnace Project
Metal casting, rolling Hotrollingicon.jpg Casting involves simple molds; rolling involves high power rollers, using 20 hp hydraulic motors above; start by rolling bars from hot billet 1000 lb 2000
CNC laser cutter Lasericon.jpg Cuts metal very precisely with no need for finishing. Good for precision-engineering metal parts like rotor disks for the solar turbine and countless other small parts. We can use an existing control mechanism (like the one from RepRap) and attach a stationary laser. We need to build a laser from a $500 CO2 laser engraver tube of 80W; sufficient to cut ¼ inch wood and acrylic, and thin metal – perhaps up to 1/8” in a large number of passes; larger laser may be built from scratch by creating a tube at later phases of development. 300 lb 2000 In development by Lasersaur. See Laser cutter

Metal press, shear, and hole puncher Up to 1” holes in 1” metal; shears 3” wide 1” metal; relies on a large cylinder ($260) 1000 lb 1000
Cold cut metal saw Uses existing hydraulic motor 100 lb 100 plus blade
Computer oscilloscope Develop OS computer oscilloscope 2lb 50 Pocket-sized oscilloscope,

40 MSPS oscilloscope

Robotic arm 6 degree of freedom robotic arm for welding or other applications; use hydraulic motors ($900) with encoders 500 lb 2000 No open-source design exists yet
Spectroscope Microwave/X-Ray spectroscopy tool  ? 700
TOTAL 5500 lb $12,500