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Here is a process for sourcing RepRap parts for the 3D Printer 3D Printer


Printed pieces and extruder

Metal hardware from hardware store

Controller and electronics - $140 kit from the US

  • generation 3 electronics recommended - [1]

4 z axis stepper motors - $4.5 each at [2]

Power supply


  • Here is the cheap stepper Forrest found, which is suitable for my simplified z-axis design

- [3]

Z Axis Simplification

We are replicating Chris Palmer's HydraRaptor z axis as described on Chris's Blog. Here are the changes required:

My z-axis removes all the RP parts with a z-prefix. it also loses a lot of M8 nuts and washers, two M5 bolts that hold the motor bracket and 4 M5 bolts that hold the motor, plus the belt of course. The four lengths of studding become all the same length and a bit shorter. Mine are about 270mm. They depend on the motor height and shaft length.

Additional parts are: -

  • 4 M4 x 50 cap screws to hold my motor brackets vertically.
  • 4 M5 x 40 cap screws to hold my motor brackets horizontally.
  • 8 M4 x 45 cap screws to hold the motors.

plus nuts and washers of course.

Also about 100cm of plastic tubing that is a tight fit over M8 thread.


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