Replicability of Productive Facilities

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Our approach to enterprise creation is such that whenever we build out productive capacity, we ask deeply - whether the productive capacity may be replicated by others with low barriers to replication. We are taking the case of a 3000 square foot facility - metal roof, post-and-beam structure. The basic structure is gravel-on-grade, and a cement slab is retrofitted in 16x16' squares.

This question includes:

  1. Capital Startup Costs - construction
  2. Materials Costs - construction
  3. Design Costs - construction - none under the assumption of open blueprints
  4. Capitalization - production facility

Capital Startup - Construction

Capital costs for construction include, in materials costs for building the equipment from open source plans:

  • Tractor with 54hp - $10k
  • Trencher - $1k
  • Backhoe - $1k
  • Cement mixer - $1k
  • CEB press - $4k
  • Soil Pulverizer - $500
  • Dimensional Sawmill - $2k

TOTAL - $19.5k in equipment, and about $2k in equipment after induction furnace and full CNC is available to produce all this equipment from scrap steel.

Materials Costs

For post-and-beam roof-covered structures,


  • 1000 lb capacity tractor-loader-mounted cement mixer, 20 minute mix cycle - 5 tons of cement mixed per day - weight of cubic yard of cement - [1]- or about 100 lb per cubic foot.