Replicable Business Model Strategy

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We have an industrial grade 3D printer [1] that still requires minor tuning. Motion, electronics, are fine; may need stabilization of motion by going to higher voltage for more torque and stiffer axes. We have the options of selling kits running extreme manufacturing workshops [, or doing professional development [2]. Then we can develop other products - filament maker for recucling waste plastic to 3D printing eco filament, and building a larger printer for printing furniture from scrap plastic.

Beyond this, we want to start OSE Clubs - like FIRST Robotics - but eco technology with a purpose for the common good via open source transformation of education to open source product development.

Current plan: finalize design -> sell kits -> organize workshops. With stable revenue, work full time on Clubs to increase prototyping capacity. Collaborators continue R&D on other products.

Key point to keep in mind: Industrial Productivity on a Small Scale


There have been several business models that we need to evaluate for (first 4 questions from OSE, last 5 as in Disciplined Entrepreneurship):

  1. Development time and cost required to develop a product for that market?
  2. Revenue per month?
  3. Time per month required to deliver products?
  4. Trainability of others when used as a Distributive Enterprise?
  5. Does the customer have money?
  6. Are the customers accessible to your salesforce?
  7. Do they have a good reason to buy your product?
  8. Is there competition in this market?
  9. If you win this market, will it help you with the next one?
  10. Core Mission Alignment: Is the market consistent with the goals and values of the company’s founders?


  1. 3D printer kit
  2. XM Workshop
  3. 2 day professional development
  4. 3 day OSE Club startup
  5. Simplified low cost kit
  6. Desing Guides - 3D Printer, Tractor, Power Electronics
  7. 3D printer Parts only kit
  8. Filament Making workshop
  9. Large 3D printer
  10. Corporate Team Building Retreat

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