Replication of Resource Development Operations

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Nonprofit Resource Development (NRD) is a clear and direct route to raising resources for GVCS development, given the considerable size of this sector. We are encouraging that a number of such Operations are set up in different states. The general idea is to convert the wave of emerging support of the GVCS into tangible resources that could move the project forward - in a distributed fashion which takes advantage of the initiative of a number of interested stakeholders. In this way, each branch of OSE NRD operations would remain lean and agile, consistent with the distributive economics mission of OSE. The commitment of these operations would be

  • Learn about the work of OSE, such as from the Crash Course and blog, and other materials
  • Assume the risk and cost of startup
  • OSE provides brand identity
  • NRD operation provides funding to OSE, covers NRD's operating costs, and returns a suggested 75% of all incoming funding to promote GVCS development
  • This would function as a contract-based consortium, with a mission to fund the development of the GVCS