Resilient Buildings

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  • Buildings that are "disaster proof" to a certain extent
  • Main issues are:
  • High Wind (Hurricanes + Tornadoes)
  • Flooding (Floods, Hurricanes)
  • Fire (Internal, or caused via external fires (other buildings, wildfires) )
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Pests (Termites, Carpenter Ants/Wasps, etc)
  • Flying Debris (Even strong storms can throw debris and break windows etc

Current State

  • Varies with Building Codes , and culture, but many USA homes are wood framing, on ground level, and thus are vunerable to many of the aforementioned hazards

Hard Data

  • Need some

Retrofittable Options

Design Principles

  • Elevated foundation (for floods many houses are on "stilts" or the first ground floor is garage/storage only
  • External Window Shutters
  • Less "Flat" / "Square Design" (more aerodynamic/less drag = less likely to be destroyed by wind
  • Various fireproofing measures

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