Resilient Community Economic Analysis

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"jasonk_321" <> writes:

>Hi Franz - Thanks for posting it and all the comments. I wasn't aware of
>this group/email list.
>FYI - I am very aware of all the other examples, designs, etc. I probably
>wasn't being clear in my writing - what doesn't seem to exist yet is the
>economic metric/framework that would display the cost savings of such
>eco-communities versus "BAU" life style costs.

I find great ability among people like Marcin Jakubowski, Steven Bosserman and Joseph Smyth to possibly provide you with such data - if the framework is clear.

>I have been following developments with LEED-ND somewhat, which gets
>close, but still doesn't try to translate features into a generalizable
>economic model.

I looked at LEED has some elements of Neighborhood development if I get it right.

when you talk about generalized economic model do you mean the secondary effects of eco community? A local economy which is based on the local ability to repair and improve? The most generalized model is Marcin Jakubowskis Open Source Ecology, but it works with quite a number of assumptions what an active eco-community could do.

>Other people well versed in the Green Building biz scene in San Francisco
>have suggested this exists "out there somewhere" but as yet I haven't
>seen it.

lets see if some communication process with the people mentioned can happen

see cc: