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The goal of the review team is to improve the designs. The first step in the review process is that the review team review the analysis/calculation tools themselves - and review the protocol that one should follow for review.

The critical aspect of proper review is abstraction of the process. Abstraction of the process allows development logic to be applied, eventually towards automated review by virtue of artificial intelligence.

Abstraction of the process can involve review templates and procedures, step-by-step instructions, flow charts, infographics, etc. Open Source BPM software may be used to facilitate/automate the process.


  • Technology review
  • Process review
  • Standards review
  • Organizational review
  • Financial review

Review and Testing

Best suited are users, individuals who have CAE capacity, computer simulation experience, practical experience

LifeTrac and Agriculture Equipment

  • John O'Meara - rake, combine, baler, tractor

Construction Equipment

Energy Equipment

Power Electronics Equipment

Fabrication Equipment