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  • Ground source heat pump - not efficient in super cold like -20 here.
  • Foam spray around CEBs
  • High performance shell does not require much cooling in the summer.
  • Air tight shell - need expensive heat recovery ventillator, energy recovery ventillator - HRV, ERV. HRV will condense the moisture. $500 for the HRV with 70W. Do a HRV with a good building shell. Passive houses - not passive solar - houses without heaters.
  • 2 cords down to 1/4 cord a year - HRV + pellet stove.
  • Jim Hallock puts on workshops in San Antonio. Super smart and has efficiency. Jim Hallock is the CEB press guru in the world.
  • 8" block first course. 10" course - overlaps the 8" block.
  • Zero labor cost.