Robotic Dairy Milker

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- A combination of the Dairy Milker and the Open Source Robotic Arm Construction Set

Used for

- Automated Dairy Milking

- On Demand Animal Milking

- Large Scale Dairy Farms

Industry Standards


Minimum Viable Product

- Open Source

- Modular

- Scaleable

- User Maintainable

- User Upgradable

- DC or AC Power

- Optional Environment Proofing ( Temperature Extremes, Water + Dirt, Chemicals )

- Humane ( More Specifically Quiet, Non Painful, Otherwise Non-Stressful to Animals and Workers)

Basic Design

2X Fence + Animal Enclosure Connectors (1 in 1 out)

?x Milking Stall(s)

?x Computer Controlled Stall Gates

?X Dairy Milker(s)

?x Robotic Arm(s)

?x Robotic Arm Guidance Unit(s)

1x Main Computer Module

?x Communication / Remote Control Module(s)


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