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  • ASCE standards
  • Territory of Virgin Islands
  • Territory of Puerto Rico
  • Having people build their housing.
  • "We want to be an innovation company"
  • We're not in it to be millionaires, not taking high profit
  • Do you have ethical issues? Yes, other companies take as much from the pot as possible
  • 30 years of construction and structure repair
  • Knows this will be a game changer for super low income families
  • Public, private, non-profit - 3 legged stool for disaster recovery
  • Your company - Ducky Johnson - funded Rod after Sandy to do public education
  • Rod is excited about collaborating with OSE
  • Rod lives at 30000 foot elevation, forward thinking
  • Sees crowd build as part of the future for disaster relief - help people build the homes for themselves
  • Crowd build and DIY build must be part of future - as gummit cannot do it - only 4-5 people get help of 10. Don't leave the 5 other behind
  • Wife is 33 year veteran planning director of her city
  • Can help certify homes to engineering specifications
  • They have 4 engineering companies working for them
  • Get us certified to ASCE - that could be their contribution
  • OSE/OBI is for those who cannot be helped as one of the 4-5 people helped
  • 1700 ton structures can be moved
  • Beams 60 foot long
  • Weld them up to 160 feet welding - 1" flange, body 1.5", 40" tall
  • At end of July - will bring OSE/OBI to Ducky Johnson.