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A low cost roof which instead of using standard roofing, uses PV panels that have a gutter system making the PV panels function as a water-tight roof. The advantage is using building-integrated PV to provide the water-tightness function typically provided by a standard roof. This is done while avoiding the cost of the standard roofing material, at $4/sf cost [1] This produces value in energy which pays back for the PV and roof cost in 2 years (2 year payback time for PV by value of electricity generated) - effective providing a free roof. The up-front cost is 2x that of standard roof (PV costs $8/sf [2]).


  • Water proof with PV
  • Has allowance for temporary cover with any other material available, from sheet, mesh, flexible sheet, etc. Bamboo for temp shade.
  • Fractal design: can be repaired in modules, doesn't require disassembly of surroundig modules to fix. To implement - think of rail - into which the flanges of PV insert.

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  • nxm grid has n-1 times m-1 crosses and 2 times n times m lines.
  • Ie, crosses are about the same as number of panels, lines are twice the panels
  • Per panel roofless roof gutter cost - half cross plus at $9 one 10' PVC pipe at $25 [Cellular Core DWV Schedule 40 PVC Pipe at Menards® [3] and Cellular Core DWV Schedule 40 PVC Pipe at Menards® [4]

[Solid Core Schedule 40 PVC Pressure Pipe at Menards®]