Rough Door Opening

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This is for the Seed Eco-Home

  • Standard double doors that we use have an 80" rough opening height
  • Standard exterior doors that we use have an 82" rough opening height
  • 2nd floor doors and windows are slightly different because 2nd floor does not rest on a rot-resistant sill plate.
  • Doors are built with their bottom member to facilitate installation - but this member is notched to allow for easy removal after install. It is notched from the bottom so it can be cut from the top


Exterior - Standard doors such as this [1] use a 38.25" opening for a 36" nominal door [2]. In the Seed Eco-Home, integrating production engineering into the equation we use the standard OBI 39" door opening (universal for doors and windows) for future modification/expansion possibility. We then add a 3/4" spacer as the doors require a 38.25" rough opening. This actually allows the 3 reinforcement spacer blocks on the side of the jack stud to remain as 1.5", so we use standard lumber instead of having to cut a spacer to size. This saves on build time. Extra cost of spacer is offset by ease of future modifications.


Exterior - 82" rough opening