Rough Plumbing Inspection Checklist

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Status of Completion

  • Connection to water and sewer is made for the rough-in plumbing phase. [1]

Detailed Checklist


  • To test water lines - pressurize through the washer box - [2] - gauge on one line, air pressure on other.
  • Short overview, doesn't say much but gets you into the inspector mood - [3]
  • Relatively comprehensive video, with tub-shower pre-plumbed so none of its drain detail is shown:

  • Or, see how inefficient it gets for a larger house - 6000 sf of concrete after rough plumbing - 150 yards - like 18 trucks/ Shows stressing of foundation cables [4]. Including copper pipe water service.
  • Waste and water pressure testing - plugging all holes - showing different plugs , [5].
  • The washing machine box - trim cover at end is adjusted to thickness of sheathing [6]
  • Good one which shows what the inspector actually does - but this is not rough plumbing - just house plumbing inspection for home valuation purposes - [7]


  • DWV - 5 psi air or water. See that valve holds. 0.1 psi graded valve.
    • How do you stop the bath tub overflow? Drain should close, but overflow
  • Each trap protected by vent within allowed distance
  • See cleanout requirements.
  • Ford Fitting for water supply line if supply line connection is inside the house.
  • 125 Water pressure test required
  • Vacuum breakers on hose outlets
  • Supply water line fill is inspected prior to covering
  • Approved grounding system for water supply line?
  • Tracer wire for water supply from meter to foundation
  • Toilet clearance 15" from sides and 12" from back
  • Nail plates for vent pipe - if you have sheathing above vents.
  • Tape for joints in vents must be UL 181 listed. [8]
  • Exterior wall water lines must be freeze protected. [9]
  • Max 32" between PEX line supports. [10]. Attach so that water hammer does not end up making noise.
  • Backflow preventer from street sewer.
  • Tubs are level - so you simplify the trim work necessary around it [11]
  • Toilet 12.5" from framing, or 12 from wall. [12]
  • Caulk around toilet and bath?
  • Functional water flow test - [13]
  • 2 parts vinegar + 1 part baking soda as alt to Drano [14]


  • If tub is preinstalled, how to close overflow? The over flow I capped off by making a plate to screw on and used a piece of mouse pad as a gasket. [15]
    • If tub is on second floor, its overflow can be the high water mark, so there is no need to close it. This would not apply if testing with air.
  • For rough-in, the easiest approach to tub in our case (it doesn't fit through doors, so must be pre-located. Pre-located does not mean it has to be pre-plumbed. So leave the drain kit off - just make sure it is possible to install it _after_ the trap is installed.
  • Assumes that trap doesn't have to be in for rough plumbing - just rough drain for tub. [16]


  • Water Heater - Since it is a fixture [17] - a water heater is installed in the finish phase [18]
  • Water heater is often installed at rough plumbing phase [19]

At Foundation Phase