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This is work on a rubber-optimized 3D printer 3mm extruder. An optimized rubber extruder is an optimized extruder in general. By principle of Degeneracy, OSE favors an optimized extruder and an optimized rubber extruder to be one and the same. Further, OSE endorses 3 mm and larger filament, as it is easier to make larger filament in terms of quality control.

When exploring an optimized extruder - we start with 3mm as the universal case, for degeneracy of the 3D printer filament in the GVCS.

Working Document


Design Rationale

  • Use Nema 17 motor with 3x geardown
  • Use double drive wheel extruder for better grip
  • Move drive wheel down as far to the nozzle as possible
  • Use a clamp-on nozzle

Part Library

Framev1902.pngRubberextruder.pngExtrudermotor v1904.png



  • Minimalistic MK7 extruder - [1]
  • Bondtech gears - [2]
  • Review of Bondtech Extruder - [3]