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Declaration of the Russian Action Committee on the vision of the future of Russia

We, the citizens of Russia, who created the Russian Action Committee, believe that by unleashing an aggressive, bloody war in Ukraine, Putin’s regime has made its own collapse inevitable. Therefore, building a democratic movement that can take over in Russia after Putin is one of the most important issues on the current political agenda.

Tens of millions of Russian citizens want to see their country become peaceful, free, and prosperous. We are ready to take on their political representation and offer our vision of Russia’s post-Putin future.

Our main goal is the re-establishment of the Russian state on the principles of the rule of law, federalism, parliamentarism, a clear separation of powers and prioritizing human rights and freedoms over abstract “state interests”.

Our vision of the future of Russia is a parliamentary republic and a federal state, in which only the most general powers necessary for the implementation of foreign policy, defense, and protection of the rights of its citizens are owned by the center, with the transfer of most state powers, including in the budgetary sphere to the regional level.

After the dissolution of Putin’s regime, we believe it will be necessary to hold elections to the Constituent Assembly within 24 months, when a new Constitution of Russia and other decisions regarding the future of the country will be adopted, including a new system of state bodies. Before the convocation of the Constituent Assembly, we propose a transitional procedure for governing the state by creating a temporary state body — the State Council (which will have legislative functions). This will form the nucleus of a technocratic government with the participation of representatives from various political forces. This will be key to the operational management of the country during the transition period.

Under the authority of the State Council, we will implement the following program: The immediate conclusion of peace with Ukraine on the condition of recognizing the 1991 borders and compensation for the damage caused by aggression, including through the frozen assets of the Russian Federation; The rejection of the imperial policy of Russia, both within the country and abroad. This includes the rejection of formal or informal support for entities in the countries of the former USSR not recognized by the UN; Cessation of confrontation with the West along with a transition to a foreign policy based on peace, partnership, and integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions; Decentralization of the country and the transfer of broad powers to the regions, including in the budgetary sphere; The demilitarization of Russia, the reduction of its militarized structures and the cost of their maintenance; Release of all political prisoners and their full rehabilitation on politically motivated charges; Offering a broad amnesty program to reduce the number of prisoners and offer those released a speedy return to normal life; The abolition of all repressive laws adopted during Putin’s rule, including all legislative acts that contributed to the establishment of a dictatorship in the country; The dissolution of the repressive bodies that perform the functions of the political police: the FSB and the Centers for Combating Extremism; Trials for war criminals and active regime officials who contributed to the establishment of a dictatorship in the country; extradition of war criminals to international judicial authorities; Conducting lustration at the federal level; The immediate liquidation of all political parties and public organizations that supported the invasion of Ukraine, so that they can not interfere with the construction of a new Russia; Liberalization of electoral legislation, simplifying the registration of political parties, allowing the creation of regional parties. Returning to the declarative procedure for holding rallies, strikes, and demonstrations; Without prejudging the decisions of the Constituent Assembly, we declare that we will achieve: A significant expansion of the powers of the regional parliaments; A transfer of power to enable us to form the government of Russia — the future parliament, the structure and format of which will be determined by the Constituent Assembly; Transition to an electoral process for the upper house of parliament that will limit the possibility of forming a one-party cabinet; Enshrining in the Constitution a limited list of powers transferred to the federal center in accordance with the Constitution/Federal Treaty; Exclusion from the Constitution and legislation of Russia of the concept of joint jurisdiction, with a corresponding redistribution of budgetary powers; Restoring the election of mayors of cities and heads of municipalities, enshrining a minimum list of rights of local governments and guarantees of their budgetary security in the Constitution; Freeing the judiciary from the control of the executive branch; Division of courts into federal, regional, and local, the appointment of judges, respectively, by the federal parliament, regional parliament, and/or through direct elections by citizens; Widespread introduction of jury trials for all categories of crimes, to limit judicial arbitrariness and ensure maximum access to justice; Judicial confiscation of property illegally obtained by Putin, his entourage, and accomplices, and its transfer to funds belonging directly to all citizens of Russia; Transparent distribution of natural rent between the subjects of the federation and citizens of Russia on a fair basis.