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  • Brent Irwin - Maysville. Suggested Paul Romer for construction phase inspector- with AAA Home Inspections.
  • Patrick came by today and we had another amazing conversation. He’s a very experienced high quality builder who has experience in all types of construction. He once was in charge of total remodels and expansion of large grocery stores while they were still open. He’s a builder with a law degree and is passionate about sustainability. He’s good friends with Mayor Lucas and has great ideas about building materials, building efficiency and a wide range of topics. Besides being pleasant and funny, he has “range,” the kind of overview perspective combined with broad experience that makes him very valuable to your projects.I suggest that we zoom together and get some of his ideas on the Blue River corridor and give him some ideas about what you two are working on. He has multiple projects and three young children so here’s his cell phone number-. Patrick Scott Perkins PERKINS RCM LLC