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I think there is an easy way to implement AR in our build - way easier than the image recognition above.We can simply attach a QR code to each module, which could be done readily. With the QR code reading app, we simply pull up the right technical drawing that shows all the information about the module in question, without any prior knowledge about the module in the first place. This addresses the main challenge - which is coordinating vast amounts of data from hundreds of modules - making digital assist simple so the whole workflow can be coordinated through a number of stages... Anyway, we want to implement something like this for swarm builds, so that minimally trained people can execute complex sequences of simple procedures, without having the insight of a construction manager.

This can likely apply to ever larger swarm builds. All a person needs is a cell phone. All instructions are pulled up on demand - the build manager only has to tell which person to scan which module. And the scan would inform the builder of the next module to scan, so that once started, minimal management is required. The build manager's role is thus only to answer questions and provide general oversight - and not being a bottleneck for information flows. If we can solve the Info Bottleneck problem readily in our builds, that is huge.

Shared with Colby.


  • $1 for Nanobeacon - [1]
  • $6 for ready board - [2]