SEH Build Process Questions

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  1. Can CSED main cable clamp be directed inwards so screws are accessible for tightening? Otherwise need to ream out the inside.
  2. For flange-mount electrical boxes - when the box is fixed to the wall - must all the screws be already used on the flange, or can a temporary attachment be made?
  3. If not, is there any other allowable means of temporary attachment that others use or may be used? (fishing for efficiency detail)
  4. For the heat pump disconnect, is a nonmetallic push-in connector acceptable as a a clamping means for 10/2 cable for the incoming line, or do I need to use a NM cable clamp connector? 1/2" knockouts which are listed for 14-2 through 10-3 - does this apply to the push-in connectors as well?
  5. Will old work box be allowed on ceiling of 2nd floor bathroom if we put in ceiling first and light later - or must we cut a light hole out in panels first and then mount panel over light box?
  6. Is burying the ground rods required by code?
  7. Is it ok to wire neutral connection at a receptacle or do I need a pigtail?