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Rollout Narrative

  • CEB Press rollout - soil mixer. $1M for rapid rollout towards displacement of $75 per wall module (framing + sheathing). 200 block per wall. Competing with 20 minutes of machine time (1 gal fuel, machines, $10 labor production) + 8 people laying = $80/wall). Only way to complete is to do Brute Force Dumb Laying or Automation with block laying robot. RTK 1 cm precision should be explored for programmed laying path of freeform buildings on gravel foundations.
  • OSE wiki for modules.
  • 3DP for interior nonstructural walls with SSupervolcano 5 mm filament 3x speed 240W 60 lb/day. One panel per day or 4 panels for 4-head. For high T this requires heavy heated bed.

Working Doc


Also, review the clickfunnels products from 2020:



Disclaimer: this is a working pitch. Some of the deliverables in past tense may not yet be delivered.

  1. In 2021, we are working on build optimization for 500 hour builds of the 1000 sf Rosebud. Several iterations may be needed to get there. Theoretical Calculations for Seed Eco-Home Build Time show the theoretical mimimums, based on the number of builders and deliverables stated - and are the optimal estimate.
  2. We are working to reduce the cost of wall materials by 20% while increasing their longevity by 400% - by using compressed earth blocks. Thus saving $10k.
  3. We are working on reducing the cost of trim, siding, roofing, plumbing, electrical, lumber - with 3D printing using reclaimed plastic waste feedstock. We expect a material cost reduction of the corresponding components by $10-30,000.
  4. We are working on solar concrete to reduce the cost of concrete from $2000 to $200.
  5. We are working on reducing the cost of gravel from $600 to $60 by using urbanite instead of virgin rock.
  6. We are working on cost reduction via corporate team-building events to reduce labor costs by 400 hours - a for-benefit sweat-equity model.
  7. We are workign on a multiplayer game where poeople practice building house modules in a microfactory. People work in the microfactory to build social capital for their community. People play the vidoe games and revenue goes to construction materials.


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