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Dear SME,

We are developing open source blueprints for civilizaton - please see the Global Village Construction Set TED Talk for a 4 minute overview of what we do.

We are working on_____________. The importance is ________________.

Given your expertise in _____________________, we would like to request your advice on _________________. We have a few questions that require your in-depth knowledge, though it would only take 5-30 minutes of your time to respond, and your knowledge would be published openly on our wiki under an open license. You would be attributed (pending your agreement) as the source of the information - thereby leaving a small or large mark on the positive evolution of society. The goal of our wiki is to privide a definitive repository of knowledge for building the technical infrastructures of modern civilization - literally, a civilization starter kit - that is open for everyone to study - just like Wikipedia. Would you be willing to assist on our specific questions?

The essence of our question revolves around identifying the critical blocks to the mass adoption of ____________ as an appropriate technology choice in modern civilization. OSE is evaluating how its team can contribute to this important point.

Thanks, ____________