SME Recruiting

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SME recruiting as critical to the following:

  • Immersion enterprise training
  • Open source product development


  • Official SME recruiting effort occurs as part of HR
  • SMEs feed in to webinars for the OSE Immersion enterprise training
  • SMEs provide the specifications/concepts for designs drafted by the OSE Dev Team. Right now we are short on concept designs.
  • Screenwriters and copywriters are much needed as SMEs for the publicity aspects of OSE


  • Wiki page template. HTML + CSS
  • SME recruiting protocol for HR
  • Curriculum dev proposal
  • Curriculum instructors strategy. Program teaches us and teaches students. I am also a student.
  • HeroX posting
  • Development Proposal - business plan
  • Microfactory Proposal. Infographic for microfactory with realistic square footage.