SME Request Email Template

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It goes as follows:

Email Adress: "Their Business Email"

Subject: "A Possible Hardware Development Collaboration Opportunity"


I am contacting you on behalf of the organization Open Source Ecology (OSE). We are a group developing Open Source Hardware

For some basic Info:

An old ted talk on the organization:

The main page (less technical, not too important for the "real work" )

And the wiki page for the main branch (There are smaller Germany and France Branches, but they have much less developers, and thus have slower progress):

Enough about us, where do you fit into the picture: Would you be willing to join as a developer? The things that seem to be the most beneficial that you do are "design x" and your expertise in "x". We would both get more exposure, we can use and add to your development, and you can gain expertise from our other developers.

Also, it is all volunteer and there is no minimal work amount required, so it doesn't require some massive change in your schedule. Even something as simple as posting cad files/code/video/photo walkthroughs would be more than enough.

This would also allow for filling in some of the competitive YouTube treadmill space with videos on any of these series on this.

All in all, I hope you consider this possibility, and thank you for your time.

"Writer's Name"