SMS controlled Wireless Irrigation System

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Irrigating crops with the exactly right amount of water is a tedious task, especially when you have to walk a long distance to the irrigation pump in the middle of the night to check whether any problem (fish getting stuck in the intake and as a result the irrigation motor burning or jamming!) has occured

The prototype could do the following:

  1. Be remotely controlled via SMSs through a cellular GSM network.
  2. Send back ERROR messages to the operator, if the Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) was tripped due to electrical faults or motor jamming.
  3. Control loads of up to 15 amps.

Parts List:

Hardware Parts:

  1. 1x cheap/old/used GSM mobile phone with SMS feature(with charger)
  2. 1x Activated GSM SIM/micro-SIM card of your preffered provider
  3. 1x Miniature Circuit Breakers
  4. 1x 120v/240v(choose for your country) 30 Amp Relays
  5. 1x Atmega 168/328p or an Arduino (OR any other micro with which you are friendly)
  6. 1x 9v Power Supply for the Arduino/Atmega etc.
  7. 1x Universal charger if you don't have a phone charger
  8. 1x High-Gain external antenna(optional)
  9. Wires (240v/120v FIRE-PROOF wires) and some scraps for the circuit-board
  10. 2x 240v terminal blocks
  11. 4x spade connectors(for the relays)
  12. 3x terminal blocks
  13. A enclosure(to encase the electronics) like

Electronics Parts:

  1. 10x 1N4001 diodes
  2. 4x 2n2222 transistors
  3. 2x TIP31 transistors
  4. 3x TIP102 transistors
  5. 10x 1K resistors
  6. 2x Miniature Push Switches
  7. 1x Perfboard (not if you make a PCB)
  8. 1x Pack of Misc. LEDs(small size)
  9. 5x relays with 5v coil

Tools Needed:


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