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Hi Everyone,

We are close to the event and I wanted to share a few words on expectations. I am cc'ing remote collaborators, as they are part of the team.

We expect that this will be a rich learning experience where we push the limits of open collaboration in a supportive environment. That means that we work as a team, teach each other, and do more than we could achieve alone. We expect openness to collaboration and constructive criticism. Teamwork requires a level of self-esteem where we are ok if we are wrong. The point is to work together and truly build on each others' work. We will delve into the process of uploading and downloading files from the wiki, using part libraries and FreeCAD - and adding to them. This workshop is unique in that we will actually be making real design contributions. We are not feeding you something on a platter - you are expected to contribute. The designs that we create - big and small - all feed into a larger process where over time - we refine and roll products out - and millions of people will eventually use them.

The nature of the event is participation, hands-on, and DIY or DIT - for every aspect. You will design and build, and you will create content. Everything is live and dynamic, with openness to contribution. Remote participants will help us in the design. You are not in traditional school here - what you will create will be useful - and is designed to be practical and replicable. Even when I am doing the lessons - you are encouraged to take notes right in the lessons in realtime online - so you can contribute right to the curriculum documents and even get your name on the cover. We are testing how this process can scale - as indeed we will scale it next year to hundreds of realtime contributors when we run the incentive challenge on the open source, 3D printed, professional grade cordless drill.

A word on our facility. Factor e Farm is an experimental farm where we grow ideas, permanently under construction. We starter from raw land, and now have only basic infrastructure. We plan to get back into active construction next year as we begin to run regular programs. We are not growing much food, but will be starting next year as part of our regular programming. At this time - the facility is rough and experimental. We are bootstrap funding the operation without any top-down funding - as our goal is high replicability with low entry barriers. As we said in the accommodations info - if you are looking for the Hilton, it's not here yet - so gauge your expectations accordingly.

If you have a camera - bring it and help us document and create promotional content. Our liability release form has a photgraphic release - so if you are not comfortable with being on camera - let us know. Please sign up to the OSE Workshops FB Group and post pictures there: . If you are not on FB, we may have a computer available that is connected for people to log their progress and upload photos. If you have any old laptops that you want to donate to OSE - we can use them with Linux.

And - for issues and concerns - the first line is William. William and Catarina are my co-instructors. William's role is to make sure that everyone is beaming with happiness to spread good words about the workshop. If you have any issues regarding accommodations, comfort, food, or any concerns - and anything regarding the curriculum and program - go to William first. If he cannot help you himself, only then should it come to me. Please do not take the issues to Catarina, as that is not her role in this event.

Now for some exciting learning, design, and builds...

Thanks, Marcin