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Mon Jun 1, 2020

  • Enlist Jens and Daniele.
  • Try to get all of Fab Lab Network to work towards common goals of open source equipment
  • Product Strategy: - FreeCAD/3D Printer - is module 1. Master it. Module 2 is electronics. Build a highly functional circuit maker and make circuits like the TB6600, and solid state relays. Use the 3D Printer. Module 3 is Motors: make an efficient axial flux electric motor, and use 3D printer, circuit for it. And make a solenoid: for gas, water, hydraulics. Module 4 is Router/CNC Torch: use the electric motor, circuit mill for drivers, and 3D printer for parts. Module 5 is Heavy Machine Power - Open Source Plastic Shredder: geardowns, bearings, transmissions. Use the electric motor that we made, geardowns, electronics, 3D printed parts, and CNC torch to cut blades for a shredder. Module 6: Screw machine: CNC lathe + bearing grinder

Module 7: Advanced Electroncis - build a power supply for machines, build a welder circuit, and microcontroller. Do a CNC spindle + PNP, with ATC. Module 8: apply advanced electronics, make an induction furnace. Module 9: metal rolling, wire drawing.