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Use Script Template for the script.


Treatment: get a detailed build procedure documented so we can start kitting the workshop. We would like to distribute this work to an ecosystem of 50-100 open source collaborators in a B2B manner. Key elements of workshop are the 3D Printer build of D3D Pro Eco edition, a printer with a 1 cubic meter bed and the E3D Supervolcano nozzle, a CNC torch table, and the 2" Heavy Duty Mill. A promo video for the overall STEAM camp should be made at this time for 2 audiences: B2C, and B2B for the open source enterprise ecosystem.

OSE would offer the branding, curriculum, technology, marketing assets, distributed quality control procedures and production engineering, and the registration infrastructure with payment processing. The collaborator would provide the venue, publicity, and instruction.

3D Printer Build

Treatment: Thisis a tight, 5 minute edit of a complete printer build with descriptive narration and zero dead space. Footage is obtained during the workshop to add excitement to the set, and to feature happy builders as part of promoting the printer. This video can be used both as an instructional and a promotional piece to showcase OSE quality. Include 3D Can animated screenshots for effect by capturing the transition from design to reality in an artistic way.

Script:This is the OSE D3D Pro Eco 3D printer - an eco-printer with insulated heatbed and intended use in part production. To build the 3D printer, you need to mount the 3D axis system to the frame, and the heated bed for printing. Then you mount the 3D printer extruder. You can then control this entire system by adding the modular Universal Control Panel - which allows for silent operation of the 3D printer and powerful bed heating which is faster than heating up the extruder.

To begin, take the frame and assemble it from 6 flat sides - using the 3D printed corners and 3 screws per corner. Slip the nuts into the nutcatchers on the corner piece, and tighten the bolts but keep them loose for final adjustment...