STEP to Sketchup

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Open Source Route

  • Summary: STEP->STL (FreeCAD) ->DAE (Blender) -> Sketchup

For Individual Objects

  • Note: you want to do the above procedure if you want to get an entire machine or set of assemblies.
  • Easiest method using FreeCAD & MeshLab.
    • Convert from STEP -> STL in FreeCAD
    • Convert from STL -> DAE (Collab file) in MeshLab
    • In Sketchup: File -> Import, Select ".DAE" (may also be labeled Collab or Earthview)
    • Video: Youtube

**Note: You have to go through this procedure for each object in the model. It's not practical for files with lots of discreet objects.


  • SkechupPro has STEP import; Sketchup regular has a plugin costing $80 - [1]