Safety Ground Rules

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Heavy Objects

  • No heavy object is ever to be found in an elevated position without support. Support must be redundant by at least one level.


Certification: 1. People must explain the reasons for the following items. 2. For any tool: tabletop drill, corded drill, cordless drill, cutoff saw, welder, torch, bandsaw, grinder, ironworker, CNC torch table, 3D printer - specific Usage Certification training must be performed. Any person not certified for that equipment is not allowed to use that equipment. Safety helmet displays Certification Badges visibly

  • No person can use any piece of equipment without getting certified to use that tool by a Sanctioned Instructor. All Instructors are certified by OSE.
  • Protective equipment - hard hat, eye protection must be worn at all times in the workshop. Ear protection must be worn as well. Persons without a hard hat or eye protection are not allowed in the workshop. Steel-toed boots must be worn at all times in the workshop. Whenever welding is ongoing, people must wear full-body clothing. Ear protection may be waived upon signature.
  • No music or music headphones are allowed in the workshop.