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Current Policy

The safety policy at Factor e Farm revolves primarily around allowing use access to people who have been trained in safety procedures. This means, for example, that someone who has not taken a chainsaw safety course is not allowed to use a chainsaw.

These are our current guidelines and documents:


On August 10, 2014 a power cube chain coupler on the lifetrac 6 exploded into numerous high energy parts, approximately 3 minutes after a protective metal plate was installed behind the operators head, on the instincts of an engineering summer student intern. Steel pieces of the chain were welded into the aluminum plate on trajectories that could have seriously injured or killed the operator had the plate not been installed.

There were numerous other incidents of people working without unauthorization or without hard hats on machines with which they had little experience, including in the dark using only a headlamp for illumination. Currently, OSE is looking for a Workshop Manager who is responsible for workshop organization, tool control, as well as tool and safety training.

Example Safety Policies

Miscellaneous Safety Documents

High Pressure Hydraulic Fluids