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Wed Jun 11, 2014

- See Grate Clamp Module Instructional here !

- Got the basic design for the modular frame of the Power Cube. Took a long time to learn sketchup, still needs lots of adjustments but the idea is there. Will upload shortly

- Halfway done with constructing the pool FeF. Pray it doesn't rain tomorrow so we can finish!

Tue Jun 10, 2014

- Completely disassembled and gutted Power cube at FeF to get it ready for an upgrade and a new frame.

- started to CAD out the Power cube for a new modular frame. Trying to figure out what the smallest total volume is that we can fit it into.

- Laying concrete for new gazebo at FeF

Fri Jun 6, 2014

See notes from HabLab community meeting here

Thu Jun 5, 2014

- Put up rafters along south side of HabLab - Learned basic welding and grinding skills

- Replaced coil in Welder #5, still not feeding copper wire properly

- Continued CEB Press Clamp Module setup instructional guide. See progress here

- Located several small grants for a potential OSE build in New Orleans??!?!!

Tue Jun 3, 2014

CED Press Clamp Module setup instructional guide

Potential Workshop shelf organization template

see current progress on workshop organization here

Finished organizing scrap metal in silo at FeF

Tue Nov 5, 2013

First general interest meeting for Tulane University Open Source Ecology "club" with 20+ participants. Showed Ted video and introductory discussion on Open Source Ecology, Our School at Blair Grocery, vision and potential of the projects. Follow up meeting Tue Nov 12 6:30pm with a focus on getting acquainted with design sprints, google sketchup, dozuki, etc. Telecon meeting with Audrey Fri Nov 8 to flesh out documentation procedures and protocals for university chapters.